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Residential/Commercial Air Duct Cleaning
Air duct cleaning may not seem like a vital part of owning a home or an apartment, but when it comes to the air duct, if it is not cleaned regularly and properly, there can be costly and grave effects as a result. More and more, we are learning about air pollution and its negative aspects. One of the ways in which the indoor air of a home can be improved in quality would be to have the air ducts cleaned. This eliminates or reduces the dust and other pollutants within the heating and cooling units of a home. Many homeowners understand that this process is important in terms of the upkeep and the quality of the indoor home environment. Furnace cleaning is a major part of the duct cleaning process.
There are a number of different components that make up the heating and cooling system. When a person comes in to provide duct cleaning services, they need to make sure that they clean all the pieces of the system. If they do not do so when they are performing the air duct cleaning process, then there will still be some dirty and dusty areas within the system. Any potentially positive aspects that the air duct cleaning service may have been able to provide would likely be cancelled out and negated due to the messy areas that remain.
Our Cleaning Procedures                     
Our technicians will:
  1. Test your system for proper operation and then disconnect power before opening your unit.
  2. Vacuum the interior surface of your furnace and/or air conditioner.
  3. Remove all register covers.
  4. Enter each opening with a HPA vacuum that has 4 high-powered motors to remove heavy debris from your system.
  5. Follow the vacuum with a power brush that will aggressively remove any debris on tops, sides and corners of the interior duct work.
  6. Re-vacuum each vent to extract any debris the brush loosened or dislodged.
  7. Clean each vent along the return and supply mains. The debris is removed from the system and safely contained in our cleaning unit.
  8. Reconnect power to the system and have you verify that everything is working properly.
We offer environmentally safe EPA recommended mildicide that kills mold, fungus and mildew, which improves your indoor air quality.
We also offer a sanitizing treatment. This treatment eliminates germs and micro-bacteria. It is commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes. This is an ideal treatment for those that suffer from asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems.
Additionally, we can apply a sealant that will keep your system cleaner for a longer period. This treatment also comes with a written lifetime warranty. Our technicians will provide you with a full estimate on our services and you may choose which ones you would like performed
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